Los Padres’ vision is to improve men’s health in San Antonio by creating community awareness about prostate cancer, particularly the need for early detection.


Los Padres’ mission is…

  • To encourage and empower men, their partners, family and friends to learn about prostate cancer, especially the need for early detection to reduce deaths and improve treatment success

  • To provide opportunities to promote a greater public understanding of prostate cancer and reduce the stigma surrounding screenings and the disease itself

  • To host and promote community events to improve knowledge about screening, diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer


Urologist Juan “Johnny” Reyna and his wife Joni founded Los Padres (“The Fathers”) in memory of their fathers, both of whom had cancer when they passed away.  Los Padres’ work is dedicated to all men affected by prostate cancer.


Los Padres’ nonprofit designation is provided through Wellmed Charitable Foundation. Our tax ID is 20-5087010.  To learn how you can make a tax deductible gift to Los Padres, contact us.